Ayaat Al-Sudani

Ayaat Al-Sudani

Mental Health Research Facilitator and CRIS Coordinator

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Ayaat holds a BSc (Hons) in British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited Social Science from Cardiff University, the only course of its type on offer in the UK. Ayaat achieved a First grade in her thesis exploring Minority Ethnic students' higher education decision-making. This was followed by a Masters in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology from Swansea University. In contribution to Manchester University National Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide (NCISH), Ayaat has completed a service evaluation of suicides in an NHS Health Board.

Prior to joining the Southern Health in late 2019, Ayaat has worked 3 years as an Arabic teaching & learning support for Newport City Councils' ethnic minority service for the most vulnerable children across all schools in Newport. During this time she also worked as a community researcher contributing to data collections for a Welsh Government research project exploring the employment and aspiration of refugees and asylum seekers. More recently, Ayaat has supported Hampshire COVID vaccine research Hub and contributed to the evidence base of the disproportionate impact of COVID19 has had on minority populations. Ayaat aspires to complete a doctorate in clinical psychology.

  • Mental health
  • Ethnic minorities