Closing the data-action gap to improve patient and population health care


Professor Iain Buchan will reflect on the data and analytic pandemic pivots, such as the Combined Intelligence for Population Health Action ( system that enabled the world’s first evidence on voluntary ‘mass testing’ for Covid-19 and the first re-opening of live music events in the Northern Hemisphere with near real-time dataflows and agile, actionable analytics. The same combination of care records, public health and administrative data is now fuelling the development of England’s integrated care systems (ICS). He will consider how networked ICS could borrow strength from each other, tackling current weaknesses of clinical prediction models and AIs. Further, he will reflect on how future AIs could augment managed self-care by closing the gap between data updates and meaningful actions.

Oct 18, 2022 3:00 PM
Online (requires registration)

Prof Iain Buchan from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Public Health will present as part of the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry’s Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health

Please contact Andrey Kormilitzin to register and recieve a link to the seminar.

Andrey Kormilitzin
Andrey Kormilitzin
Senior Researcher

My research is centred around translating advances in mathematics, statistical machine learning and deep learning to address challenges involved in learning, inference and ethical decision making using complex biomedical and health data.